London South Bank University lowers its carbon footprint

18 May 2011

London South Bank University has reduced its energy consumption by 2.5pc, preventing 200 tonnes of carbon emissions, as a result of its environmental and energy management strategies.

The university, which completed a certifying process with Irish-owned auditing company Certification Europe, has been awarded the Energy Management Certification EN 16001, a newly developed European standard that provides a framework for energy management best practice to help organisations improve their energy efficiency.

London South Bank University was also awarded the Environmental Management Certification ISO 14001 an internationally recognised environmental standard to help organisations prevent pollution, minimise environmental footprint and conform to environmental legislation. It’s the first such university in the UK to have achieved the EN 16001 with an accredited certification body.

Speaking today, London South Bank University’s energy and environment manager, Anuj Saush, said the university had explored ways it could reduce its carbon footprint.

“Because the university is growing in student size every year we have to acknowledge the impact on the environment so achieving these certificates has been a huge feat for us. It is early days since we have achieved the certification, however we have already seen a reduction of 2.5pc in our electricity use in the last eight months. We are confident that with a robust energy management strategy and system in place we will continue with this downward trend.”

Energy and environmental standards

John Ryan, commercial director of Certification Europe, added that London South Bank University is paving the way for other large organisations in the UK to address their energy and environmental standards.

“As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, companies are under pressure to prove their corporate credibility and so must meet the international standards,” said Ryan.

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Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic