These 3 GIFs will make you want to play with magnets right now

17 Nov 2015

Still from ‘Magination Thunderclap’ via Magination/Vimeo

Magnets. How do they work? And how can we make them do amazing things like in these GIFs?

Last week, this GIF entitled ‘Perfect magnets’ appeared online and became an instant sensation.

MaginationEDIT: We are glad you guys like magnets as much as we do! May the force be with you. Source: <a rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank” href=””></a>

It’s a miracle that reduces us all to a member of Insane Clown Posse marvelling at the wonder of magnets. The Imgur post came from the user gardinbank, who also posted this Christmas jumper-inspired beauty.

You need this.<a rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank” href=””></a>

The secret behind this sorcery has been revealed as Magination, a game made up of really strong magnets.

So far, all the Magination website offers is the two GIFs above and a video introducing the concept before the project launches on Kickstarter on 19 November.

Magination Thunderclap from Magination on Vimeo.

The game’s Norwegian founders clearly like toying around with magnets, which is what Magination is all about.

Magination consists of different magnetic pieces that can push, pull and shoot. Like a deck of cards, these magnets are the building blocks for any number of games with different structures and new tricks.

In the first GIF above, the black circle is magnetic, as are all of the discs. Going by gardinbank’s comments, the idea is for players to place magnets in the circle without setting them off – though in this case even the loser is rewarded with a cool magnetic domino effect.

The only limit is your imagination, it seems, and other fun items can be added to the magnetic mix, such as ping-pong balls.

May the force be with you!

Now, where can I get some magnets to mess with?

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