Martina Harford, chief executive, The Educational Company of Ireland

3 Feb 2011

Back in the early 2000s when there was a large amount of money also put into ICT in education, the momentum was lost and unfortunately we’re playing catch-up now.

The €92m that has already been invested and the balance of the €150m yet to be invested is going to have to be followed by a large investment. We need to ensure that whatever we do now is continued on. Time is not on our side in this country.

We need to make sure the financial backing is there. We have commitment from the Government and industry through ICT Ireland and IBEC have worked very, very hard to make sure that funding is available.

If we do that and roll out the broadband, and if we make sure that the in-service and pre-service CPD is done correctly, and if there’s an acknowledgement that quality content is required in the classroom, we will reposition ourselves in a more favourable area internationally.