Microsoft Irish group’s role in making of Windows Phone 7

21 Oct 2010

A core development team at Microsoft’s Irish operations played a key role in making the new video and music features on the new Windows Phone 7 operating system that allows users to bring content from their PC with them on their mobile devices.

Microsoft today launched Windows Phone 7 devices around the world primarily with Samsung, LG, Dell and HTC devices.

Renaud Bordelet, a senior manager at Microsoft’s software development centre in Sandyford, said Microsoft is working on a “three screens” vision that allows users to enjoy the same content on a TV, a PC and a mobile phone. For example, an Xbox 360 gamer would be able to play a game on their HD TV and continue playing the same game on their mobile phone on the bus.

He said the 20-strong team in Dublin is part of a wider team at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and is heavily focused on the movie and media business and is credited with the Microsoft TV component of Windows 7.

“We are about delivering music and video to customers, making it seamless, elegant and exciting, regardless of whether you’re viewing it on your TV, the Xbox, your PC or your Windows Phone 7,” Bordelet said.

“My team are part of the broader organisation in Redmond which delivers software on the PC, which is key to the whole ecosystem and we focus on expanding those services and software.

“We were a key part of developing the Microsoft TV software and consider ourselves a super efficient team with the right skills and connections with markets, as well as an understanding of original equipment manufacturers’ requirements. In essence, we’re there to make sure that what works in the US works in Europe, too.”

Three screens vision

Bordelet said that Windows Phone 7 is a key component to Microsoft’s vision of the three screens – TV, PC and mobile – and ensuring that the experience is sustained on whatever screen the user wants.

“We’re about delivering music and video to customers, making it seamless elegant and exciting.”

Bordelet said that Zune as an application on Windows Phone 7, the Xbox and other platforms is critical to the three screens vision.

“We’re focused on delivering unique offerings that are more compelling and exciting than competitors’ offerings.

“The key is how you consume content, not only movies but music – you’re going to see a lot of differentiation from us. The key thing to remember is people have lifestyles and I feel our technology is bringing the element you need in being able to consume content when you need it.

“Quality content is one element but simplicity of user experience is another. I want my mother to have a Windows Phone 7 and watch videos and listen to music. The key to that is building a high quality unified experience across the screens and at the same time make it simple to deploy,” Bordelet said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years