Microsoft recycled 1,000 tonnes of office waste

18 Jan 2010

Employees of Microsoft’s operations in Ireland have recycled 1,000 tonnes of office waste in the past decade, the company revealed at the launch its Green Week initiative.

Staff of the company are conducting a number of drives aimed at reducing their impact on the environment this week, including a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme as well as making use of a hybrid shuttle minibus as a greener alternative to travelling between campuses.

The focus of the week is to foster greener technology solutions and recycling habits.

Throughout the week, Microsoft hopes to encourage more people to make better use of the software solutions available to them and to make the switch from paper-based material to a greener and more sustainable online solution.

Going green

An example of a specific initiative that will be promoted to customers and partners during Green Week is the ‘Digital by Choice’ campaign, which is being led by the EMEA operations centre team in Ireland.

This campaign is designed to get 56pc of volume licencing customers to choose to switch to digital versions of licencing agreements. As a result of this switch, the amount of paper that is typically generated each year will be reduced significantly.

“Microsoft is committed to caring for and protecting the environment,” Dave Warrick, Microsoft Ireland, said. “We actively work to protect our natural resources and have extensive corporate policies and procedures that conserve environmental resources at our facilities and within our supply chain.

“However, we also believe that any successful environmental policy must incorporate the organisation and the individual.

“This week’s ‘Green Week’ is a fantastic initiative which brings together employees and the organisation, so together we can have a positive impact on the environment. Environmental considerations and our ability to impact those are important to all of us and this week is all about bringing that awareness to the fore. At home, many people are taking steps towards being ‘green’.

“However, at work, people can often feel unable to adopt the same behaviours. This week is all about encouraging people to replicate the good work they do at home in the workplace. I’m looking forward to the week ahead and would encourage all employees to get involved.”

Key green initiatives introduced and being implemented in Microsoft Ireland include:

  • – Compared to Windows Vista, Windows 7 delivered a 50pc reduction of carbon footprint of Windows 7 packaging and 56pc weight reduction.
  • – Introduction of proximity printing which has led to a 15pc decrease in paper usage.
  • – Printers are set to print double sided.
  • – The monitoring of equipment to make sure that it operates efficiently and only when required.
  • – The introduction of waste streaming and recycling in the cafeteria and office areas.
  • – The trialling of energy-efficient lights in the car park.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years