NCI unveils new cloud computing and web courses

2 Jun 2011

National College of Ireland, which launched an MSc in web technologies last year, has announced an entire new suite of cloud computing and web technology programmes.

The new courses, which were announced at today’s DotConf and which will commence this September, include:

·         Post-graduate diploma in science in cloud computing

·         Certificate in cloud computing

·         Certificate in web development

·         Certificate in science in web technologies

A limited number of places on these courses are being offered free of charge to people who are unemployed, under the Government’s Springboard Initiative. Applications under this initiative are required by 4 August.

“Cloud computing and web technologies are critical drivers of the Irish economy in terms of growth and jobs,” Robert Ward, director of Student Recruitment at NCI explained.

Growing Ireland’s internet industries

“As well as attracting top international companies like Google and Facebook to Ireland, it is also crucial to support our home-grown internet industry and to encourage more young people to follow our (DotConf) keynote speaker John Collison’s example by creating and building their own tech products and companies.

“From talking to large multinationals in Ireland we know there is a huge skills shortage in the web technologies and cloud computing areas and that companies have positions which they just can’t fill.

“Our programmes in the cloud computing and web technologies arena, some of which are being offered free of charge to people who are unemployed under the Government’s Springboard initiative, can really help to bridge that gap,” Ward said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years