New IT software to cut IT costs

7 Oct 2010

A new energy saving tool, named EnergyWatchIT, initiates the automated shut down of idle computers: allowing organisations to make a saving on energy costs.

EnergyWatchIT, a product of Energy Sense Ireland – an Irish energy conservation firm – is the result of a partnership with University College Cork (UCC) and Enterprise Ireland. The end product of the partnership is an energy consumption reduction solution geared towards IT.

This EnergyWatchIT generates real-time graphical reports showing which PCs and groups of PCs are costing and saving the most in terms of monetary, kWh and CO2 units.

The software package comes with a customisable button that allows users to hibernate their computer while all open documents and email data are automatically saved before the computer powers down.

Key benefits:

According to the company, the main benefits are a reduction in energy bills by up to 50pc, an annual saving of €55 per computer per annum, a reduction in the organisation’s carbon footprint and a reduction of security threats to the computer in question.

Energy Sense Ireland supply energy saving solutions to businesses, schools and government bodies, including energy-efficient lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning and wind turbines.

To find out more about EnergyWatchIT, click here.