New technology gives teachers eyes in the back of their heads

15 Oct 2010

A new technology that will give teachers the ability to gauge classroom activity behind their backs has been unveiled.

Education company Teachscape has unveiled the Teachscape Reflect, a 360-degree, panoramic camera and audio system designed for use in classrooms to help teachers gauge the effectiveness of their lessons, share instructional practices, and receive timely coaching support.

The Reflect technology presents the educator with the ability to review reaction from the class following their lesson, to watch and listen to reactions of pupils, not to mention share the ways they teach with others.

360-degree view of the classroom

The Reflect combines two high-definition video cameras and two high-quality wireless microphones to provide a 360-degree view of the classroom. Wireless microphones capture audio, one video camera captures everything the teacher is doing at the front of the room and the other camera captures a panoramic video of the classroom.

Teachers can then view the information on the Teachscape website.

The goal of the technology is identify strong points and areas for improvement in teachers’ techniques.