Nissan upgrades Leaf electric car and drops prices in Japan

20 Nov 2012

New Nissan Leaf, which is now available in Japan

Nissan has given its all-electric Leaf car a revamp, as well as revealing a less-expensive model in Japan that also has a longer driving range.

In Tokyo, Nissan announced details of the second iteration of its Leaf electric car, which is now available in Japan.

Nissan decided to update the Leaf after customers expressed their concerns about running out of battery charge while driving.

Enhancements on the new Leaf mean the car will now have a driving range of 228 km (142 miles) at full charge – this is up from 200km (124 miles).

Nissan said that the new car model has been designed specifically for the Japanese market. It said that the latest Leaf had shed some 80kg in weight as a result of improvements such as a combined powertrain unit and a streamlined battery module and case structure.

As for the entry price for the new Leaf model that’s now available in Japan, the car will sell for around for less than 2.5 million yen (US$31,000).

In the US marketplace, the Leaf currently retails for US$36,500, while in Ireland the car will set one back €25,595.

Nissan Leaf interior

Images courtesy of Nissan

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic