No photo finish as skull gets second lease of life

1 Nov 2010

A new piece if grim eco-technology has been unveiled – an operating camera built around a human skull.

The pin hole skull camera has been constructed from human remains, precious stones and metal, and exposes film inside the skull.

Entitled ‘The Third Eye’, the camera’s technical ability is limited and there are no lenses, battery-powered flashes, or any zoom function.  

Can’t get the image out of your head?

Designer Wayne Martin Belger, told that the skull used to construct the camera was that of a 1920s girl and it had lived in an attic for more than 100 years before he repurposed it into a camera.

From a green perspective this is an innovation of sorts, however, although it does repurpose the remains to create the camera apparatus, it is unlikely the camera will be widely available any time soon.

The camera is part of a larger collection of photography equipment that has been constructed using insects, sea creatures, as well as HIV-infected plasma and a human infant’s heart.