No plans for a self-driving Tesla car

19 Oct 2010

A spokesperson for Tesla has revealed that the Silicon Valley car company has no plans for an automated car along the lines of Google’s self-driving car.

Rachel Konrad, head of communications for Tesla Motors Europe, said that even though the Silicon Valley company was constantly taking emerging technology into account as well as their competitors, developing a car that drives itself is not on its agenda.

“We’re certainly a Silicon Valley that is always looking at other technology examples and partnerships with a wide array of companies but, at this time, we don’t have plans for that,” Konrad commented.

Tesla produces the electric sports model Roadster 2.5 and the Model S – a premium electric sedan that is expected for release in 2012. Tesla co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, created the Roadster in order to pave the way for the research and development of lower-priced, affordable electric vehicles, such as the Model S.

Konrad, who recently attended the 2010 Paris Roadshow, also revealed that despite strong online public interest in a Tesla motorbike, the company currently wishes to keep the focus on its saloon model.

“There is so much interest from fans to do a motorbike. However, at this point, we’re moving forward with the Model S,” she said.

Google has recently released details on its “breakthrough” automated car that uses video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic.

The car that started it for Tesla, the Roadster (below)

The Tesla Roadster