Northern Ireland to receive nine rapid charge points for e-cars

13 Mar 2013

Power and automation technology player ABB has sold nine rapid charge points for electric vehicles (e-cars) to Northern Ireland’s e-car network.

The ABB Terra 52 fast chargers should charge e-cars in about 30 minutes, unlike domestic charge points, which can take up to six to eight hours to charge an electric vehicle.

The chargers form part of the ecar Project, led by the Department for Regional Development and the Department of Environment, which has established a network of charging points in cities and major towns across Northern Ireland.

Irene Breen, ecar project manager, said rapid chargers allow motorists to make long journeys without having to stop for several hours to charge.

“The 30-minute fast charge allows a comfort break or quick coffee as part of a long journey. As such, they are important in allowing ecar to offer a realistic alternative beyond the urban commuter-type user.”

The ABB Terra 52 fast chargers have been designed to be used at petrol stations, highway locations and in busy urban areas.

Northern Ireland Electricity owns and operates the chargers, which provide direct current charging at 50kW.

E-car charging image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic