Pirelli reveals new tyres embedded with electronic sensors

14 Nov 2012

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is about to unveil a new type of intelligent tyre for lorries and buses that use electronic sensors so drivers will be able to monitor in real-time their tyres’ condition as well as the geographical positioning of their vehicles.

Pirelli has teamed up with Schrader Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of remote tyre pressure monitoring systems for the automotive sector, to pioneer the intelligent system, known as Cyber Fleet, that transmits tyre data in real-time.

Pirelli has been carrying out testing of the tyres since April. An electronic sensor is mounted on the inside of the tyre to collect data, such as pressure and temperature, and relay it to back to the driver of the vehicle in real-time via a control unit that’s fitted in the vehicle.

As well as this, the manager of a fleet will also be able to monitor vehicles remotely, according to Pirelli.

The company said that by allowing users to check tyre pressures in real-time, this will help lower running costs of such trucks by optimising on fuel consumption and maximising the lifespan of each tyre.

Pirelli image via Shutterstock

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic