Samsung owes Apple another US$290m over patent infringement

22 Nov 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

Electronics giant Samsung owes Apple US$290m for infringing iPhone and iPad patents, according to a jury’s verdict in San Jose, California, yesterday.

A previous jury had found 13 out of 26 older Samsung products had infringed Apple patents, and this current verdict covers those 13 devices.

The previous jury awarded Apple US$1.05bn, however, US District Judge Lucy Koh determined that jury miscalculated the amount Samsung owed Apple and tossed out US$450m of the damages. She then ordered a new trial, Reuters reported.

Samsung appealed that verdict and is also expected to appeal this latest verdict.

The patents battle between the world’s two largest smartphone makers has been going on for years. Apple has argued that Samsung has copied features of the iPhone in its Android smartphones.

Samsung has claimed some of Apple’s key patents are invalid, and the company copied Samsung’s technology.

The companies’ legal wrangling is extending into the new year, as well. A third trial has been scheduled to take place in March, to consider Apple’s claims that Samsung’s newest devices on the market also copied Apple’s technology.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic