27 Science Week puns to make you laugh and cringe in equal measure

10 Nov 2015

Today we’re celebrating Science Week with some geeky puns that will make you weep – either with laughter or despair, depending on your disposition!

This week is the 20th annual Science Week, a week of events celebrating science.

This year – and every year – the aim of Science Week is to motivate people of all ages to engage with science at home, in the classroom and at work.

There are more than 800 events taking place across the country from 8 to 15 November, promising something to suit everyone’s curiosities.

Just in case you’re sceptical of how science can be made fun for all, we’re starting our Science Week with something that pleases us wordsmiths: puns!

No discipline is safe from a bit of funny wordplay – isn’t that right, Chemistry Cat?

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

Are they, though, Chemistry Cat? Are they? Even good old Argon has more to offer in the science pun stakes.

Science Week jokes

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I bet all the great scientists love puns, no matter what their discipline.

Einstein science puns


Carl Jung science puns

Galileo science puns

Those fun-loving party animals.

Science puns

Science puns

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Imagine all the craic being had in research labs around the world.

Science puns

Science puns Pokémon

Science puns

You never know when some comedian-cum-scientist is going to tickle your funnybone with the element of surprise.

Periodic table bench


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Science puns

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Chemistry puns

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And is there a better way to learn about photosynthesis, states of matter and polarity? I think not!

Science puns

Polar bear science puns

Science puns matter

Science puns

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Science puns

Image via @chemistryjokes/ink361

Science puns

Some jokes require some general scientific knowledge, making it all the more satisfying when you get it.

Science puns Batman

Really, though, it’s all about the puns. The beautiful, beautiful puns.

Science puns

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