Silicon Valley looks to a greener future

15 Oct 2010

Organisations across the county of Santa Clara, California, US, have made an agreement to become more environmentally conscious and rethink the dumping, exporting and management of hazardous wastes.

Environmental and community organisations have applauded the decision to become an “e-Stewards Enterprise” and are working to promote responsible electronic waste management – making the county (commonly referred to as “Silicon Valley” due to its status as a high-tech industry hub) the first in the US to do so.

The agreement between e-Stewards Certified Electronics Recyclers (ESCER) means that those involved will not export hazardous electronic wastes to developing countries, dump such wastes into municipal landfills, or use prison labour for managing such wastes.

e-Stewards certified enterprise

The county’s decision has met with the organisation’s approval and they will now commit themselves to utilising e-Stewards’ certified electronics recyclers who meet the highest standard of responsible electronics waste recycling.

“We are proud to be the first government to earn the e-Stewards Enterprise designation,” said Santa Clara County supervisor Liz Kniss, who proposed the arrangements with e-Stewards’ recyclers and the agreement to become an e-Stewards Enterprise. “It’s important that we here in Silicon Valley take a leading role … to provide a solution to the challenges of our high-tech world.”

The e-Stewards Certification for recyclers was created by the Basel Action Network (BAN) in conjunction with recycling industry and occupational health experts to fill a global and legal void of responsible e-waste management.