Supermoon Sunday – did you admire the moonlight madness?

24 Jun 2013

A close up of last night's supermoon from Dublin. Image via

Did you see the largest moon of the year over the weekend? Dubbed Supermoon Sunday, yesterday the moon was the closest to the Earth for all of 2013. For those lucky moon-gazers who were not blighted by cloudy skies, the moon cast a close, torchlike glow over the planet last night, bathing both sea and land. Here we share some illuminating photos from Twitter users all over the globe.

The Twittersphere has been a hive of activity since planet Earth was graced with an optical treat over the weekend: a supermoon. The full moon had its closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013.

It won’t be until 10 August 2014 that we will get to experience such a moon again. There will be another super moon in July, but it won’t be as spectacular as last night’s supermoon.

La luna

In the south-east of Ireland last night in Wexford, for instance, the skies made for perfect ringside views of the supermoon. It almost felt like you could cast a line and reel the moon in.

And those who live close to the coastline were in for an even bigger treat. While a full moon changes the tides and even the water levels in our bodies, a supermoon signals the highest (and lowest) tides of all.

Where in the world were you?

Here’s a taste of the lunar delights people all over the globe experienced last night:

Capri, Italy supermoon 23 June 2013

Capri, Italy. Via Twitter

California. Supermoon 2013

Rising supermoon above Mount Diablo State Park, California. Via Google Earth Pics

Supermoon over New York. Via @BobBowdon

Supermoon rising over Piedmont, Italy. Via Twitter
Supermoon rising over Piedmont, Italy. Via Twitter

Southhampton supermoon

Image via broadcaster Dan Snow taken in Southhampton, UK


Image via Craig Newton in Lanai, Hawaii

Taking it to ET level. Twitter user Zack Bagans brings us back!

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