Sustainable car hire service GoCar extends Dublin reach

7 Jul 2011

Pay-per-use car hire service GoCar has opened its seventh GoBase in the Digital Hub, as part of its plan to create a dense web of GoBases across Dublin City.

With GoCar, you can book a car online or over the phone for as little as an hour or up to a week. A special swipe card unlocks the cars, which are parked in dedicated parking spaces at the GoBases.

The service has been recognised as an environmentally-sustainable, smart and cost effective alternative to private or corporate car ownership.

Philip Flynn, Digital Hub CEO, is supportive of the new GoCar’s addition to the service offering of the Digital Hub.

“We are supportive of smarter travel options which will help position Dublin and other Irish cities as globally competitive smart cities.

“GoCar is a great fit for the Digital Hub, as the small and medium businesses located here are quick to embrace new services and technologies that are cost effective, environmentally sustainable and intelligent.

Marc Rafferty, GoCar managing director, said there have been numerous requests from the public for faster expansion of the service. “GoCar is actively seeking investment to allow it to roll out GoCars across Dublin at a faster pace,” he said.

As well as the new GoBase in the Digital Hub, GoCar also has dedicated parking spaces just off Camden Street in Dublin 8; Ranelagh and Rathmines in Dublin 6; Smithfield in Dublin 7 and in the South Docklands.

GoCar aims to have 15 citywide locations in Dublin by the end of 2011. It is also in Cork City at three locations.

Photo: Marc Rafferty, GoCar managing director, and Philip Flynn, Digital Hub CEO