The future is now – 10 futuristic tech predictions that came true (infographic)

1 Jan 2015

The new year is an apt time to examine what’s next for tech advancements following a look back at 10 classic films that predicted technology in use today. An infographic wraps it all up.

The infographic published by AVconcepts on notes how today’s tech, such as internet search giant Google’s Google Glass wearable computer and its self-driving car, featured in the films Back to the Future and Total Recall, respectively.

Other gadgets on the list include smartphones, robot vacuums, military robots and naked body scanners, and the films that placed them under the spotlight.

Looking ahead at advancements in tech, the infographic foresees more robotics, neurohacking, quantum control, nanotechnology and holographic projecting coming to the fore.

Technology crystal ball concept image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic