The Green Economy – A Business & Leadership Briefing

12 Mar 2010

On May 14, Ireland’s business leaders will gather to hear sustainability experts discuss the future of business, finance and investment within this new environmental reality, and we will look at how technology will be a key enabler in a more sustainable, prosperous future for all.

“The Future is Green.” So said Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, at a conference in Dublin in March, and few today doubt the veracity of this statement.

“We live in a fabulously privileged part of the planet and have an opportunity by example to be part of the solution – and to do so in a way that does employ people and does improve the quality of life and does narrow the growing social inequality gaps. This agenda is full of win-wins,” said Will Day, who will be a keynote speaker at The Green Economy – A Business & Leadership Briefing on 14 May.

“You can forget the idea that a low-carbon future will be boring and dull, it can be as exciting, as aspirational, as we want, so let’s make it happen.”

Hear Day speak at the briefing on May 14. To book a spot at The Green Economy – A Business & Leadership Briefing, visit the website.

You may be interested in reading our Green Economy Report, published in December 2009 with Irish Director magazine, which features interviews with two of our speakers: Ryan, and Dick Budden of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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