The rise of smartphone recycling (infographic)

9 Feb 2013

The number of mobile phones in circulation is enormous, and a new infographic takes a look at how they impact the environment and how recycling the devices can help keep our planet healthy.

The infographic published by Love2Recycle on provides facts and figures on materials used in the production of a smartphones, where donated phones are sent, the carbon footprint the purchase of a mobile phone creates, the environmental impact of text messaging, and more.

In June last year, Juniper Research predicted the number of smartphones shipped per year is set to almost double over the next five years, and in its Green Handset & Tablet report said the smartphone industry has the opportunity to save 30m tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions during that period by tackling areas such as streamlining supply chain operations.

For their part, consumers can recycle their pre-loved smartphones. There are mobile operators, such as O2 and Vodafone, that have a recycling scheme in place, so check with your carrier.

The rise of smartphone recycling (infographic)

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic