The sustainability of tablets (infographic)

28 Nov 2012

Apple's fourth-generation iPad

Are tablet computers environmentally friendly? Very much so, according to a new infographic, which looks at the pros and cons of the devices from a green perspective.

The infographic published by Uberflip on illustrates examples of how tablet computers are eco-friendly devices, takes note of tablet users’ decline in the amount of material they print, and highlights how organisations are making use of tablets and saving money as a result.

Consumers’ adoption of tablet computers is undeniable. Earlier this month, for instance, Apple reported it sold 3m iPads in three days since the launch of its new iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad.

In the end, that’s a lot of e-waste. By 2025, global e-waste will double to 25m tons, the infographic states, citing Pike Research. However, with companies such as Apple and Samsung implementing device recycling programmes, the use of tablet computers can contribute even more to a cleaner planet.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic