TVs go green as Sony puts facial recognition in smart screens

17 May 2010

In the near future, if you nod off in front of the box, the TV will notice and automatically go to sleep, too. This nifty feature could soon be standard in the next generation of smart TVs coming our way.

The new generation of Sony Bravia TVs, code-name WE5, will include greener features that will help home owners reduce energy consumption.

Utilising facial recognition traditionally found on Sony’s most advanced digital cameras, the WE5 TV will watch you and will save energy by turning off once it recognises you aren’t watching.

The WE5 will also feature a heat and motion sensor that will also turn the TV off or put it into sleep mode if it realises it is playing to an empty room.

Light sensors

An ambient light sensor will also reduce the output from the television’s backlight depending on how bright the room is.

The new sensor and face recognition technology will eventually be rolled out to other models in the Bravia family this year.

The company says the new technology will reduce the power consumed by each TV by 50pc compared to most LCD TVs.

The innovation is part of a Sony-wide initiative to cut energy consumption in all its products by 30pc by 2015.

By John Kennedy

Photos: The Sony Bravia WE5 (topmost photo) and how it can go into sleep mode when it senses no one is watching

Bravia green TV

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