UPC greens the set-top box

4 Nov 2009

UPC, parent company of Chorus NTL, is bringing out a new generation of its digital TV set-top box that will reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy bills.

This next generation ‘green’ set-top box is designed to use less than 1 Watt in stand-by mode while the ‘eco’ mode will amount to only 5.5 Watts on average per day – the same as a typical clock radio.

The boxes, supplied by Thomson, are already being deployed here in Ireland and a software upgrade rolling out in early 2010 will allow customers to choose an operation mode whereby the set-top box will go into the low power standby mode automatically when not in use.

This means customers will have a choice between full functionality, eco mode, “hot” standby and “cold” standby, with cold standby having the lowest power consumption but requiring a bit more time to start up.

This new green set-top box from UPC fits in with the company’s overall environmental programme to reduce carbon emissions and enable customers to lessen their carbon footprint.

“UPC recognises its role and participation in creating a more positive impact on our environment,” said Conor Harrison, network services director of UPC Ireland.

“We are working together with our vendors to implement a series of measures across our own network and facilities to reduce our carbon emissions. We are also helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and realising financial savings.

“This is one step towards growing and expanding our corporate responsibility policy to adopt such environmental objectives within the normal course of our business.”

By Marie Boran

Photo: The new green set-top box from UPC.