Watch the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse live

9 May 2013

An annular solar eclipse behind palm trees in 1992. Image via NASA Science

An annular solar eclipse will be taking place between 9-10 May when the moon will block part of the sun to create a ‘ring of fire’ sight. While the spectacle will only be viewable over parts of Australia and islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean, people will be able to watch the eclipse live online.

The eclipse in Australia will begin shortly after sunrise before making its way over the Pacific Ocean. Because the moon is very nearly at a point farthest from Earth, it will appear to fully cover the sun, leaving a ring of sunlight known as the ring of fire.

At the peak of this eclipse, the middle of the sun will appear to be missing and the moon will appear smaller than the sun, obscuring up to 95pc of it.

The moon’s shadow is set to begin its journey over Australia on its way to eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Gilbert Islands, and then over the Pacific Ocean.

The Slooh Space Camera will be broadcasting a free, real-time view of the annular solar eclipse from Australia. Coverage of the eclipse will begin on 9 May (today) starting at 2.30pm PDT/5.30pm EDT/9.30pm UTC.

Slooh will also broadcast an additional feed of the sun from the Prescott Solar Observatory in Arizona.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic