Day 1: Business productivity

21 Apr 2010

The one thing you can do to step-change your business productivity and performance in 2010? Embrace online business productivity tools and save time and money for your business. Monday the 17th of May is Business Productivity day.

As the Irish Internet Association, we’re constantly working with our members to promote the benefits of using the internet to cut costs, simplify communications and optimise business performance.   

So let’s look at some good examples. The year 2010 kicked off with a deep freeze of snow and ice. How many business days were lost by homebound employees who could not get to the office? And again, as recently as the Icelandic volcano disruption, businesses were grounded and confounded! It seems that the very forces of nature are imploring businesses to look at operating in a faster, cleaner, cheaper and more productive way. 

In the area of business security and data management, online resources such as remote access and remote backups can save a business when things go wrong. Using smartphones and netbooks, sales people and engineers can communicate directly with the office, improving the speed of service for the customers and reduced logistical costs for the business. And online payment systems simply speak for themselves, less paperwork and errors and greater security and traceability and improved cashflow.

If you would like to run a B2B Digitise the Nation event to show your local business community how your business uses the internet to maximise productivity, then let us know and we will help you promote the event online and record you as a Digitise the Nation supporter for our DTN10 Digital Time Capsule.


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