Day 5: The Consumer and Social Media

21 Apr 2010

On the final day of Digitise the Nation, it’s all about the consumer. The internet and Digitise the Nation is not the preserve of online businesses wishing to communicate with customers. Some of the greatest online brands are not transacting a product or service but rather providing a platform for discussion, debate, connection, reconnection, relationships and shared values.

Have the brands of Facebook and LinkedIn become the Coca-Colas of the internet industry with Google and Bing as their Walmart? Twitter followers read the edited 140-character news headlines from those they follow and whose judgement they trust. YouTube captures any moments we’ve missed. We entrust and with our Kodak moments and then we share them with all of our friends the world over. Redbull and Ryanair might give you wings but who needs them when we can bird’s eye view the world from our laptops and smartphones?

With everyone coming online, the digital economy becomes the economy.

So the Consumer Calls to Action for Digitise the Nation are this:

1.     Take a photo, upload it to and tag it DTN10 for inclusion in our DTN10 Digital Time capsule.

2.     Make a YouTube video of your online family and tag DTN10 for inclusion in our DTN10 Digital Time capsule.

3.    Tag your favourite places on Foursquare.

4.    Attend a Digitise the Nation event in your local community.

Introduce your grandparents to Skype or Blueface and connect with family overseas, bring your local sports team or community group onto Twitter or check out the 1911 census online and make your very own “Who do you think you are?” video for YouTube (tag it DTN10).