Digitise the Nation – Conference Podcast Sponsor: RaboDirect

27 Apr 2010

RaboDirect has been operating in Ireland since May 2005, as part of the Dutch Rabobank Group.

RaboDirect.ie is an ‘internet only’ bank – Europe’s largest, in fact – which means it’s open at any day and any time, and guarantees secure online banking with its No-Fraud Online Guarantee.

RaboDirect is also the only triple A-rated bank in Ireland, which means its credit rating is excellent, and in August 2009, Global Finance Magazine again voted Rabobank Group as the World’s Safest Privately Owned Bank.

The bank aims to engage with its customers as much as possible, and it keeps things simple by not using financial jargon when explaining products and doing away with sneaky terms and conditions.

RaboDirect has also simplified savings for personal and business customers and they have worked to make investing in managed funds more accessible and less expensive.

RaboDirect is licensed by the Dutch Central Bank.