Martin Murphy, country manager, HP (Ireland)

1 Feb 2010

Martin Murphy is managing director for HP Ireland, and is responsible for driving HP’s business growth in the Irish market.

In 2003, he successfully steered the Irish operation through the Compaq merger, one of the largest in the history of the state. In addition, Martin has spearheaded various global acquisitions locally, including the acquisition in 2008 of Electronic Data Systems (EDS), representing one of the biggest acquisitions ever made by a global ICT company. Murphy also serves on the board of the Institute of Directors in Ireland.

“The information revolution of the late 20th century has forever changed the way we live, communicate and influence one another. It has changed the marketplace for the goods and services we produce. And it will keep changing,” Murphy said, addressing the McGill Summer School in Glenties last year. To read more, click here.

Photo: Martin Murphy, country manager, HP (Ireland)