Inspirefest snapshot: Here’s how SAP scales start-ups in just 13 weeks

18 Jun 2018

Alexa Gorman, global vice-president at SAP.iO Fund and Foundry, Europe. Still from ‘Why’ Image:

Is it possible to generate 18 months worth of growth in a mere 13 weeks? It may seem impossible in most circumstances, but this is exactly what the SAP.iO foundries deliver.

German-based European multinational SAP truly needs no introduction. It provides enterprise software to an array of companies around the world, cementing its position as one of the most well-known B2B firms globally.

In total, SAP boasts a staggering 350,000 highly engaged customers, all of whom implicitly trust the judgement of the company. Therefore, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that start-ups around the world are chomping at the bit to get involved with SAP’s incubation programmes, which it calls ‘foundries’.

After a rigorous vetting process, SAP.iO takes fledgling SMEs and helps them scale their business from whatever stage they’re at, accelerating their growth massively by doing in 13 weeks what one would normally expect to complete in 18 months, doing so in partnership with Techstars.

Those fortunate enough to be submitted to the programme benefit from hands-on mentorship, access to the aforementioned highly engaged customer base, and advice from individuals who have clocked years and years of experience in the business sphere. One such person is Alexa Gorman, the global vice-president of SAP.iO Fund and Foundry.

Gorman heads up the SAP.iO foundries at Berlin and Paris, places where she herself cut her teeth when climbing up the ladder to the distinguished position she is in today.

The people who come through the programme are quick to sing its praises. They laud how comprehensive it is and express surprise at the amount of support on offer. They are quick to point out that SAP has a superior knowledge of and insight into the markets in which they are trying to enter, the company already having an impressive portfolio of start-ups it has propelled to success under its belt.

SAP connects SMEs looking to solve the world’s problems with customers around the world who are anxious to have these issues addressed, and Gorman is instrumental in this process.

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Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic