Angel investors vs venture capitalists in US (infographic)

30 May 2012

Funders and Founders has come up with an infographic to illustrate the difference between angel investors and venture capitalists and how they diverge in the amount of capital and the number of businesses they invest in each year in the US.

Based on figures from the US investing marketplace, the infographic claims that business angels invest a total of around US$21bn a year in around 60,000 businesses. This compares with venture capitalists, who, according to the infographic, invest around US$30bn a year in circa 4,000 businesses.

If the infographic is anything to go by, the average angel investing round in the US comes out at US$345K, while the average size of a VC funding round is US$149m.

As for angel investing, US business angel Bill Payne was in Ireland in April to give the keynote at Angel MeetUp, Ireland’s first ever event to link up angel investors.

Payne has invested in more than 50 start-ups in the US. He gave data insight into trends in valuations in seed and start-up companies in the US, as well as touching on how angel investor groups are “hungry for data” about investing trends.

He also spoke about Silicon Valley and the way its investing climate differs to places such as Dublin.

“We have a very open community. We share. In Silicon Valley it’s exactly the opposite,” he said, describing the Valley as a type of closed community.

As for the US, he said that many angel groups are still doing seed/start-up deals at $1.5m or less.

Check out his video here.

But here’s a look at the infographic, which appears on

Angels vs venture capitalists infographic

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Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic