Assistive living technology start-up seeks volunteers for trial

16 May 2011

Sensormind, a Dublin-based start-up, is looking for 100 volunteers to help launch a new online system ‘Sensormind Independent Living’ aimed at the active elderly.

CEO Siobhan King-Hughes is behind the venture, having founded it in 2008 with her husband Cian Hughes, who is chief operating officer.

Over a 19-year period she previously held senior positions at AOL, Oracle, IBM and Adobe and is a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology’s ‘Hothouse’ business development programme.

Hughes is executive director of the Irish Technology Leadership Group and has a 20 year career in high-tech operations and strategic management, including spells at Lotus, Intel and Pivotal.

Sensormind is an innovative ‘assistive living’ technology that enables elderly and vulnerable people to live independently and safely at home.

Volunteers for trial needed

To get the new system up and running King-Hughes is inviting anyone who has an elderly relative living alone to help test the system by joining the free trial programme

All participants will be given three months’ free use of the product.  The system monitors an elderly person’s normal activities and if there is an accident, fall or other emergency it contacts a nominated relative or carer via text message. 

The elderly person is also given a panic button to let them call for help when they need it.  Volunteers can nominate up to five relatives to have access to system for the course of the trial.  In return, they will be asked to provide feedback on how easy it is to use. 

“We have already successfully deployed the system during a trial with a private care organisation and this is the next step before we go to a full market launch in Ireland and the UK later in the year,” said King-Hughes.

Based at the Invent business innovation centre at Dublin City University, Sensormind is supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state enterprise development agency.