Bank of Ireland and Uprise in search for nation’s best start-ups

10 Aug 2016

The Pitch Battle at the recent Uprise 3 Festival in Amsterdam

Bank of Ireland is going to hold a series of regional heats during September to assemble Team Green, the Irish team that will take on international start-ups at the pitch battle that will take place at Uprise 4 in October.

Irish start-ups that believe they can go toe-to-toe with international start-ups at the Uprise 4 Festival at the RDS in Dublin on 20 October are being encouraged to take part.

Those who make the cut will get a free stand at the festival, as well as a spot in the finals of the Uprise 4 pitch competition.

‘Our pitch battle is an incredible way to pit Ireland’s most talented start-up entrepreneurs against Europe’s start-ups’

Future Human

The brainchild of Limerick native Paul O’Connell, the Uprise European start-up festival is now into its fourth edition within two years and will take place for the first time in Dublin.

“Our pitch battle is an incredible way to pit Ireland’s most talented start-up entrepreneurs against Europe’s start-ups,” said O’Connell.

“I’m very excited to see what start-up scraps its way to the top.”

The heats are on

Before the pitch finals at Uprise, a set of regional heats will take place, supported by Bank of Ireland, to assemble Ireland’s Team Green.

The following heats will take place: Dublin, 19 September; Galway, 20 September; Limerick, 21 September; and Cork, 22 September.

Six Irish start-ups (one per city event, with two wildcards) will be pitted against six start-ups from Europe and the US to win the title of Conqueror of the Uprise Pitch Battle 2016.

Companies that want to fight the good fight can apply here. Successful entrants will be notified by 13 September.

“Bank of Ireland is proud to be supporting the Uprise Festival this year and we look forward to touring the country to find the best start-ups to represent Ireland at the Pitch Battle,” said David Tighe, head of innovation at Bank of Ireland.

“Uprise is a fantastic showcase of the best technology start-ups and it continues our support and development of the Irish start-up community,” Tighe said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years