Belfast start-up benefits from Blackberry PlayBook Tablet

26 Apr 2011

JamPot Technologies, a start-up based in Belfast, is one of an elite group of companies selected to release an app on the launch store of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

Just 1cm thick and weighing in at 425g, the Blackberry Playbook is designed to realise the potential of downloadable applications and online gaming.

JamPot was formed at the start of 2011 to develop and bring to market cross-platform app technologies. Now engaged in an intensive period of research and development, the company is planning to bring forward a number of mobile software products to market over the coming six months.

Tying in with the Playbook’s release, Jampot was among a select group of developers who were chosen to debut its ‘Soundboom‘ app on the US market.

Featuring high-quality illustrations and sounds, the app is also the first of its type that is capable of operating across multiple device screens – mobile, tablet, PC and television.

Soundboom is an interactive educational game loaded with fun content for pre-school children and which includes sights and sounds from around the farm. It also enables users to easily upload their own multimedia to make their own personal ‘SoundBoom’.

“We are a young company but we boast some of the most experienced and innovative programmers in the sector. It is a testament to the skills of our team in Belfast that we can lead the way on a worldwide stage at such an early stage in the company’s development,” said CEO of JamPot, James Scott.

“SoundBoom makes use of our unique cross-platform mobile technology. This cloud-based system means we are able to deploy apps seamlessly across multiple screens and devices, with no loss of quality in transfer. This is a huge leap forward that will offer tangible benefits for the end users.”