Best start-ups in Ireland offered chance to go on US web TV show TWiST

23 Jul 2012

The best start-ups in Ireland are being offered a chance to compete to do a one-minute pitch live before an audience of 200,000 on influential blogger Jason Calcanis’ web TV show TWiST in September.

At the Telefónica O2 Wayra offices at 4pm on Friday, 7 September, 10 of Ireland’s best start-ups will be given the chance to pitch their companies to a panel of seasoned judges led by Brian Caulfield from from DFJ Esprit.

TWiST (This Week in Startups) is a US web TV channel that reaches a worldwide audience of more than 200,000 a week.

Serial entrepreneur Raomal Perera is on the look-out for only the best start-ups to take-part in the event.

Interested entrepreneurs should register online.

The 10 chosen companies will each give a three-minute pitch to the panel.

Live to LA

According to Perera, 10 start-ups will be able to pitch their companies to the panel of judges who will then select the top 3 to compete for the ‘Best Start-up’ title against three start-ups from Northern Ireland.

The final top 3 companies will be able to pitch live to TWiST in Los Angeles and field questions between 8-9pm that evening.

Would-be entrants are also being advised to come prepared with a one-minute elevator pitch as the final ‘live’ pitch will be a one-minute elevator pitch to Jason and Tyler from the TWiST show.

Interactive TV image via Shutterstock