Blocknubie cuts through the fog for blockchain start-ups

31 Jan 2018

Foggy night on Dún Laoghaire Pier. Image: Aleksandr Kalinin/Shutterstock

Blocknubie has the tools and currency to facilitate blockchain start-ups and investments.

A Dublin-based ecosystem for start-ups called Blocknubie has gone live, with the aim of making it easier for entrepreneurs to launch blockchain ventures.

The platform – true to the spirit of blockchain – is also enabling a decentralised and fully functioning blockchain economy by introducing its own cryptocurrency in the form of NUB tokens. A private pre-sale is scheduled for 1 February.

‘It has been estimated that more than 90pc of start-ups will fail, many of which are due to entirely solvable issues’

Chain reaction

Blocknubie targets the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who wish to expand and operate in what is becoming a rapidly expanding blockchain market.

It does so through digital assets, including development tools, advisory services, API libraries, blockchain educational resources and, most importantly, the opportunity for both capital and investment.

“We strongly believe that all sectors will have the opportunity to incorporate blockchain into their business,” explained Blocknubie CEO Loughlin Nestor.

“It has been estimated that more than 90pc of start-ups will fail, many of which are due to entirely solvable issues.

“Growth, deep domain knowledge, business modelling, blockchain adoption and customer acquisition are some real problems in this rapidly evolving market. Blocknubie has been formed to solve these problems.”

Key to joining the ecosystem is a structured onboarding system. A step-by-step process is assisted and enhanced by the use of a number of specialised apps, designed to allow users to analyse and build on their existing core business idea and quickly progress to a fully operational and live business model.

Users within the platform can network with other entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights through a peer-to-peer community and socially engage with blockchain professionals while also continually marketing their services and product offerings.

NUB tokens

Nestor explained that the newly issued NUB tokens will facilitate the exchange of goods and services within the digital market between suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government bodies and more.

He said the aim is to provide fertile ground for the growth and expansion of new blockchain-based enterprise models.

“Blocknubie’s vision is to improve how all businesses interact within the blockchain network,” Nestor said.

“We are sector- and vertical-agnostic, which allows Blocknubie to truly bring together technology, start-up innovation and enterprise to allow for and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies,” he concluded.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years