to let gamers set prices for used games

20 Mar 2012

Chris and Kay Lentzy, co-founders of

Two Cork entrepreneurs have launched to let people set their price when selling their old video games and to buy used games online.

Husband and wife and site co-founders Chris and Kay Lentzy came up with the idea for the site when Kay found that, when she tried to exchange their children’s old games, she needed to trade in five old games for one second-hand game.

They launched as an online platform in which gamers can set their own prices and to buy used games from other sellers.

More than 200 gamers from eight countries have accounts on the site and the couple expects this to expand as the site rolls out over the coming months.

The site charges 12.5pc commission for using the site, but allows users to price the games they sell. It also holds free monthly draws, entering anyone who buys or sells a game into the draw for a chance to win a new game each month.

“ will be a one-stop shop for gamers all over the world,” said Chris.

“The overall premise of the site is that it brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to buy video games for less and sell their old ones for more, so it really is a no brainer.

“We advise people to set a price between what the games shop offers and what they can potentially sell for. So if someone is offered €4 in the games shop who then sells it on for €12, we recommend that it be sold on for €8. That’s a win-win for buyer and seller,” he said.