China to create €5.5bn venture capital fund for start-ups

16 Jan 2015

China is to set up a government venture capital fund worth 40bn yuan (about €5.5bn) to help back the country’s start-ups in emerging industries.

As reported by Reuters, the fund – China’s latest move to kick start its private sector – will draw from the government’s existing capital designated for expansion of emerging industries, as well as state corporates and private partners.

“The establishment of the state venture capital investment guidance fund, with the focus to support fledging start-ups in emerging industries, is a significant step for the combination of technology and the market, innovations and manufacturing,” China’s State Council, the cabinet, said in a statement.

“It will also help breed and foster sunrise industries for the future and promote (China’s) economy to evolve towards the medium and high ends.”

China’s current venture capital market is relatively small following a decade of heavy restrictions on the private-sector firms.

Last month it was revealed that the Chinese government may be planning a huge purge of foreign technology from the country’s banks, military operations, state-owned enterprises and government agencies in a move to boost Chinese suppliers.

Chinese flag image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic