CMASS wins major dial plan change deal with global player

7 Sep 2011

A telecoms services company set up last year near Belfast, CMASS, is using proprietary technology to provide dial plan changes for a global business information provider in 14 sites across 10 countries.

Due to be fully completed at the end of September 2011, these changes are part of a global rationalisation programme within the organisation (which cannot be named).

The project involves converting multiple-digit numbers to seven-digit numbers for more than 12,000 extensions on Meridian 1 and CS1000 telephone switches in the 14 locations, including Brazil, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan.

CMASS, whose workforce comprises 30 former Nortel employees, is project managing and delivering this global operation remotely from its head office in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland.

Minimal downtime, minimal risk

“Our ability to perform and fully test all dial plan changes in an offline environment means minimal downtime for our client, minimal risk to their business continuity and of course substantial cost savings,” said CMASS managing director Barry Mulhern.

“We have spent years developing the suite of switch analysis and software tools that enabled us to carry out this project, and we look forward to applying this know-how successfully to many other projects and clients,” said Mulhern.

Photo: Barry Mulhern, CMASS managing director