Cost-effective media training online for small firms

29 Mar 2011

A specially-tailored five-part online video training course to help small firms to get their message across to the media has been launched by UK company Media Training Online (MTO).

It’s called ‘Complete Media Confidence for the Smaller Business’ and claims to provide a cost-effective way to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get the best out of dealing with journalists.

Founded by ex-BBC business journalist and ‘Media Doctor’ Tom Maddocks, the course delivers more than two hours of video material, allowing smaller companies to receive the kind of inside information usually reserved for big-company media training.

“As a BBC reporter, I found some companies were brilliant at getting their message over and building their profile, but many others had no idea how to interest the journalist in what they were doing, or spoke in jargon,” said Maddocks.

“In many cases, they missed out on thousands of pounds worth of exposure. So we developed this course to show people what to do, using plenty of demonstration interviews to get the points across.”

Modules and features of the package

The course saves the time taken out of the office to attend an external course and includes a special module on ‘How to use the Media to Build Your Business’. 

In addition, the company’s ‘Media Doctor’ service provides individual interview coaching and practice by phone, which complements the online material.

Apart from paid-for courses, the website carries lots of free tips and information, including MTO’s unique Essential Media Training Toolkit. There are excerpts from various programmes and videos, showing amusing examples of where interviews have gone seriously wrong – such as the notorious Katie Couric interview with politician Sarah Palin.

The Complete Media Confidence course costs £225 and Irish business start-ups can avail of it, as well.

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