Dublin named as one of best new global cities for start-ups – Fortune

21 Sep 2012

Dublin Docklands

Dublin has made it onto a Fortune magazine list of the six global cities and one city-state that are hotbeds for start-ups and innovation.

As well as Dublin, the five cities that have made it onto the list are Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oulu, and Eindhoven, plus the city-state of Singapore.

came up with the list having sought out cities across the globe that share the same mix of creativity and capitalism that exists in Silicon Valley. It used data from the Global Innovation Index to look at factors such as how countries rank on their digital infrastructures and educational institutions.

Regarding Dublin, Fortune describes it as being cheaper than London, with its low corporate tax rate. It also draws upon the ‘Silicon Docks’ area of the city, which is home to tech giants such as Google, Zynga, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Fortune looks at Dublin’s strengths, describing the city as being good for education, hardware and its business-friendly policies.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic