E-commerce meets social media

10 Oct 2011

Software company VendingBox facilitates the use of e-commerce systems and social media together in order to maximise sales potential for businesses.

Started last year by Ruadhan O’Flanagan, VendingBox allows businesses that use existing e-commerce systems to take advantage of social commerce without needing to manage two systems or scrap their current one.

The VendingBox software plugs into their existing system and connects it to the mobile storefront, so they can sell on Facebook, blogs, mobile phones or anywhere, and manage their orders and customers the way they’re used to.

VendingBox is a recipient of Enterprise Ireland’s CSF support. “We incorporated during the CSF application process, but the service had been up and running for months before that. When we saw how fast businesses and people were signing up, we realised that it was taking on a life of its own, so we started the company and approached Enterprise Ireland,” says O’Flanagan.

“We pioneered the in-conversation store, which allows a mini-storefront to appear in a conversation just like a YouTube video. Our service is also the fastest way for any user of the major existing e-commerce systems to get started with social media.”

Before setting up VendingBox, O’Flanagan was working on software projects that involved interfacing with e-commerce systems. The other members of the team had similar experience.

“We saw that there was a lot of demand for an interface between existing systems and Facebook, so we went ahead and built one,” he explains.

“We want to expand on our position as market leaders in social commerce integration. We’ve had a good start and we believe that with effort and foresight, we can lead the way for the coming years.”