Electronic goods at a TOPrice

25 Feb 2011

A new price-comparison site has launched in Ireland, specialising in Irish e-tailers.

The site, TOPrice.ie, was devised after its founders realised that Ireland was lacking a site of this type – in fact, they are branding TOPrice.ie as the only true price-comparison site for the Irish market.

The site mainly focuses on the IT and consumer electronics sectors, with daily updates of more than 80,000 products from 41 shops. Goods on the site include computers, cameras, phones and accessories, games, office supplies and clothes. Shops include Dell, Apple, Komplett, Elara, Peats, Pixmania, Misco and MemoryC.

Consumers can choose a product from the site and then compare its price across a range of e-tailers. As well as this, the site also features an extensive database of product reviews, created by the buyers and users, as well as expert and video reviews of the products.

TOPrice.ie founders explain: “We give users a tool that allows them to quickly and easily find products and product information, comparing their prices in many shops. We want to allow shoppers to quickly find an attractive offer and a reliable store. For shops that work with us, we offer the possibility of increasing sales and promoting their brands among the rapidly growing online community.”

And there are also reviews of online stores, ie, the level of customer service, process of placing orders and timeliness of shipments as issued by the user after purchase.

The site already has more than 10,000 unique visitors a month, with numbers growing continuously, according to TOPrice.ie. The number of shops signing up to the site is also growing, it says.

Article courtesy of Bizstartup.ie