Rise of the machine entrepreneurs – interview with Bjorn Bollensdorff, Panono (video)

21 May 2015

Bjorn Bollensdorff, Panono

We are at the start of a golden age for machine entrepreneurs intent on devising and building devices that connect and capture real-life experiences, Panono’s Bjorn Bollensdorff said.


Bollensdorff is part of the team that has created the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera.

The company recently crowdfunded the product to the tune of US$1.25m and it will come to market in the coming months.

Users can basically throw the device in the area and 36 cameras on the ball device will capture panoramic images while in the air, capturing a unique 360-degree perspective.

The Berlin company’s unique camera is expected to retail for US$549 per unit.

Bjorn tells John Kennedy how the new format camera is just one entity among the whole sweep of possibilities that will arrive with the internet of things and how the barriers to entry for companies like Panono are falling all the time.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years