Europe Start-up 100: Who are the ones to watch in 2019?

25 Jan 2019

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Our Europe Start-up 100 for 2019 includes entrepreneurs in e-commerce, fintech, life sciences, medtech, deep tech, IoT and more.

It is clear that the European tech ecosystem is on a roll despite the prevailing economic headwinds and uncertainty over Brexit, and the sector represents a clear path forward.

“Europe is now reaping the early rewards from the transformation of its tech ecosystem,” said Tom Wehmeier, author of the State of European Tech report, published last month at Slush in Helsinki.

“The fact is, the seeds of success this year were planted a decade ago. That is why we should expect even greater success in the years to come.”

The report found that a total of $23bn has been invested in the tech industry in Europe last year, up from just $5bn in 2013. It also found that 69 tech firms went public in Europe in 2018, compared to just 28 tech companies in the US. European tech companies that went public last year also saw their share prices increase by an average of 222pc, while US tech IPOs reported an average gain of just 42pc. The research said that European exchanges are more supportive of smaller companies that want to go public.

So, it is truly a time for start-ups to emerge, shine and do what they intend to do, and in the process provide a pipeline for jobs and wealth creation across Europe.

Every day this week, we focused on separate lists of 25 start-ups to watch in Europe in e-commerce and fintechdeep tech, hardware and IoT, and medtech and life sciences, culminating in the 100 you will find below.

These lists are not absolute because they are only a dip in the ocean of European innovation. They are not a ranking as such, but they are devised to give you a flavour of the kind of activity that is happening.

And so, here is the Europe Start-up 100 listing of the ones to watch in 2019.

25 European e-commerce and fintech start-ups to watch in 2019

  1. Accountable (Belgium)
  2. Argent (UK)
  3. Banked (UK)
  4. Bidroom (Netherlands)
  5. Cazoo (UK)
  6. Cobase (Netherlands)
  7. Crisp (Netherlands)
  8. CorribPoint (Ireland)
  9. Evocco (Ireland)
  10. Festicket (UK)
  11. Fred de la Compta (France)
  12. Finleap (Germany)
  13. Flipdish (Ireland)
  14. Fluidly (UK)
  15. Form3 (UK)
  16. GoEuro (Germany)
  17. Hotelmize (UK)
  18. Kontist (Germany)
  19. Mintos (Latvia)
  20. Omni:us (Germany)
  21. Pointy (Ireland)
  22. Qonto (France)
  23. Tiqets (Netherlands)
  24. Tourlane (Germany)
  25. Yulife (UK)

25 European deep-tech start-ups to watch in 2019.

  1. Admix (UK)
  2. (UK)
  3. Algolia (France)
  4. Aylien (Ireland)
  5. Avora (UK)
  6. Boxever (Ireland)
  7. CloudKPI (Ireland)
  8. CognitionX (UK)
  9. Decibel (UK)
  10. FinScience (Italy)
  11. Fraugster (Germany)
  12. Huddly (Norway)
  13. Imerso (Norway)
  14. Knime (Switzerland)
  15. Logical Clocks (Sweden)
  16. Mavenoid (Sweden)
  17. Metron (France)
  18. Oden Technologies (UK)
  19. OneSoil (Belarus)
  20. Siren (Ireland)
  21. Stratio (Spain)
  22. Timely (Norway)
  23. VR Education Holdings (Ireland)
  24. Webio (Ireland)
  25. Zeotap (Germany)

25 European IoT and hardware start-ups to watch in 2019.

  1. Animal Dynamics (UK)
  2. ApisProtect (Ireland)
  3. Augmenta (Greece)
  4. Blickfeld (Germany)
  5. BuffaloGrid (UK)
  6. Click & Grow (Estonia)
  7. DyeMansion (Germany)
  8. Exein (Italy)
  9. Fairphone (Netherlands)
  10. Go Flash (Germany)
  11. Hardt Hyperloop (Netherlands)
  12. Infraspeak (Portugal)
  13. Isorg (France)
  14. MiniBrew (Netherlands)
  15. NavVis (Germany)
  16. NIL Technology (Denmark)
  17. ObjectBox (Germany)
  18. Orbital Systems (Sweden)
  19. PlayPass (Belgium)
  20. Scandit (Switzerland)
  21. Twaice (Germany)
  22. Ultrahaptics (UK)
  23. Varjo (Finland)
  24. VOI (Sweden)
  25. WaveOptics (UK)

25 European medtech and life sciences start-ups to watch in 2019.

  1. Ada (Germany)
  2. Aiforia (Finland)
  3. Ava (Switzerland)
  4. Bambi Medical (Netherlands)
  5. BioBeats (UK)
  6. BrainWaveBank (Northern Ireland)
  7. Diaceutics (Ireland)
  8. Dobco Medical Systems (Belgium)
  9. Doctena (Luxembourg)
  10. Etsimo (Finland)
  11. Fluidic Analytics (UK)
  12. HealthBeacon (Ireland)
  13. Heartbeat Medical (Germany)
  14. Healthera (UK)
  15. Healx (UK)
  16. Kite Medical (Ireland)
  17. Medherant (UK)
  18. Neurent Medical (Ireland)
  19. Nuritas (Ireland)
  20. Oura (Finland)
  21. Sword Health (Portugal)
  22. UgenTec (Belgium)
  23. Ultromics (UK)
  24. WhiteSwell (Ireland)
  25. Xeltis (Switzerland)

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