Four scaling tech firms join the Digital Hub cluster

14 Oct 2015

Four new tech companies have joined the Digital Hub, bringing to 17 new firms that have located at the cluster this year.

Four new tech companies — Alien Technology Transfer, MiniFarm, Odin Consultants and SWOT Digital — have joined the Digital Hub, bringing to 17 the number of new firms that have located at the cluster this year.

This brings to almost 90 the number of companies now active at the Digital Hub.

The Hub has also opened a newly refurbished office space called The Grainstore, which brings in an additional 10,650 sq ft of space and increased the number of buildings at the Hub to nine.

Scaling up

Alien Technology Transfer is an independent public funding advisory specialising in project financing, project management, development of concepts and business models for innovative products. The company’s HQ is in London and they also have an office in Rome.

“This move represents an excellent environment and a perfect gateway to Europe for young US start-ups in terms of economy, taxation, language and culture,” said Allessandro Rufo, CEO and founder of Alien.

“Our interest in The Digital Hub is also linked to our marketing activity in the US, since many of our clients operating in the IT field require an office in Dublin in order to operate. Our team in Dublin is comprised of four people currently; we plan to recruit two more crew members in TheDigital Hub in November and 10 people during the first quarter of 2016.”

MinFarm is a global marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of locally produced food. The company’s HQ is in Stockholm.

“Our challenge was to find a shared office space that met a number of goals: comfortable to work in, fast broadband for Skype to connect to our HQ in Stockholm, and a location that allowed us meet similar start-up companies,” said Henry Lynam, engineering manager with MinFarm.

“The Digital Hub met and exceeded all these requirements in a modern office space with lots of natural light and a very friendly team. We believe The Digital Hub experience will help us grow in a positive environment and achieve our goals over the coming months.”

Odin Consultants is an Irish IT company specialising in cutting-edge bespoke applications and integrated systems development, targeting primarily the telecoms, energy and tourism industries.

SWOT Digital is an Irish Digital Marketing Consultancy Company providing digital marketing solutions to companies of all sizes.

“A total of 17 scaling companies have joined us so far this year from many different tech backgrounds, both homegrown and international,” said Gerry Macken, CEO of The Digital Hub.

“This growth, coupled with the opening of our ninth campus building – The Grainstore – means 2015 has been a busy and productive year so far, and we hope to continue growing as we head into Q4 and 2016.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years