French angels invest in Irish tech start-up

29 Jul 2010

European business angel network Sophia Business Angels (SBA) has made an equity investment in start-up Radisens Diagnostics to fund its route to market for its portable digital diagnostics product line.

Recently named 2010 European Business Angel Network of the year by EBAN, SBA creates unique financial instruments to promote innovation and growth in high potential European start-ups, driven by French wealth tax law.

Facilitated by CorkBIC, via its Internationalisation Programme, Radisens was chosen from hundreds of European opportunities based on numerous stringent investment criteria.

“Radisens’ experienced multi-disciplinary team, unique business model and high growth target market were significant attractions for us to invest,” said Juliana Garaizar, SBA general manager. “There’s no doubt that point-of-care is a huge growth area and Radisens’ disruptive technology gives it a significant edge.”

Portable digital diagnostic platforms

Radisens Diagnostics develops portable digital diagnostic platforms for use by GPs in their clinics for rapid diagnosis of early cancers, cardiac markers, infectious diseases and myriad other blood related illnesses.

By miniaturising gold-standard clinical laboratory instruments, results are delivered within five minutes on a handheld instrument. The GP simply applies a pin-prick of patient’s blood to one of a suite of consumables under development at Radisens, which integrate all necessary sample preparation steps, and inserts it into the platform for quantitative laboratory-grade diagnosis.

No solution on the market offers a multiplexed, quantitative platform for blood testing across such a wide range of applications in a single portable, battery-operated instrument. This patent pending disruptive technology is driving a step change towards rapid handheld analysis at point-of-care.

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