Gemmo AI: On a mission to become Ireland’s AI company of choice

1 May 2023

Dr Luca Marchesotti. Image: Gemmo AI

Based in Dublin Docklands, Gemmo AI was launched earlier this year and has been riding a wave of interest in bespoke AI spurred by ChatGPT.

With some of the world’s biggest companies jockeying to build the best AI models after ChatGPT took the world by storm, smaller companies and start-ups developing artificial intelligence services are also riding on the wave.

One such company is Dublin-based Gemmo AI, which describes itself as a machine learning technology provider that is developing bespoke AI for clients to make the most out of their data.

Gemmo AI was founded this year by artificial intelligence expert and entrepreneur Dr Luca Marchesotti, the brains behind the AI technology used by WiseSalmon, another Dublin-based company we featured recently as Start-up of the Week.

Marchesotti, who leads the company as chief executive, has been working in the AI space for nearly a decade.

A former senior research scientist at Xerox Research Labs, he has particular expertise in the areas of image recognition and machine learning. He has also signed 38 patent applications over the course of his career and been published in nearly as many peer-reviewed journals.

“Having deployed machine learning models across multiple industries, I witnessed the incredible potential of AI in driving transformation and growth within industry 4.0, sustainable food production and smart environmental monitoring sectors,” Marchesotti said.

“Gemmo AI draws inspiration from the natural processes that gems undergo, and its name symbolises the transformation of valuable data through their expertise in machine learning models.

“Similar to the process of unearthing, polishing and transforming gems into precious stones, data also holds untapped potential that can be transformed into valuable actions.”

‘Full-circle automated experience’

The idea is to help clients make the most of the tech that has become the talk of the town and transform into AI-first companies. Gemmo AI does this by integrating machine learning into the hardware of companies to offer them valuable actions and insights from data they already have.

This, according to Marchesotti, creates sustained services and a “full-circle automated experience for customers”.

While Gemmo AI wants to become the go-to AI expert in Ireland, the three industries it has chosen to focus on, namely industry 4.0, sustainable food production and smart environmental monitoring, are ones that offer the start-up a valuable proposition.

“Within these sectors, we see a clear opportunity: to integrate machine learning into the core products of these industries, particularly in sensors and hardware where vast amounts of data are collected,” Marchesotti explained.

“Rather than simply acting as a piece of equipment that provides data, Gemmo AI’s implementation of machine learning models takes that data and provides valuable insights and actions.”

Some of the company’s latest innovations include advanced APIs for video and audio analysis, enabling companies to deliver real-time insights and actions to customers.

“Our APIs are highly customisable, and we also offer toolkits for anomaly detection and particle classification,” Marchesotti added.

According to its website, some big names already using Gemmo AI’s tech include Unilever, Heineken, Pernod Ricard, General Mills and Broadridge.

Demand surge since ChatGPT

Demand for its bespoke AI services has especially skyrocketed ever since ChatGPT became popular. In the latest quarter, Gemmo AI, which is based in the Dublin Docklands, surpassed the team’s expectations.

“One of the primary drivers of this growth was the increased attention and interest in artificial intelligence that was sparked by the ubiquity of ChatGPT,” Marchesotti said.

“As more people became aware of ChatGPT’s capabilities and benefits, demand for our solutions increased significantly, leading to a surge in sales and revenue.”

With a small team that is characteristic of most early-stage start-ups, Marchesotti said the company has been working tirelessly to meet the surge in demand while trying to maintain high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

This is despite the challenge of finding the right use cases of AI for clients, the lack of clarity around which can often lead to uncertainty and hesitation, according to Marchesotti.

“It is essential to thoroughly evaluate each potential use case to ensure that the AI application will deliver the intended benefits and value to the client,” he explained.

But Gemmo AI has its eyes on the prize to become Ireland’s AI company of choice and hopes to raise funding later this year.

“The growth we experienced in the last quarter has positioned us well for the future, and we are confident that our continued focus on innovation and customer satisfaction will allow us to maintain our upward trajectory in the market.”

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic