Getvisibility: Using AI to help companies keep their data secure

20 May 2024

Ronan Murphy. Image: Getvisibility

Ronan Murphy, who sits on Ireland’s AI Advisory Council, said the start-up he co-founded in 2019 has more than 300 customers across 40 countries.

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As our world becomes more interconnected and reliant on digital technologies, the need for robust cybersecurity has never been greater. Multiple reports claim that last year was a record year for the number of data breaches globally, and the figures are only expected to rise as the tools used to conduct cyberattacks get more sophisticated.

“Data breaches are a constant threat, and businesses often lack the resources to effectively manage sprawling data landscapes,” entrepreneur Ronan Murphy tells “They find it difficult to identify and classify sensitive information, leaving them vulnerable.”

Murphy is the co-founder of Getvisibility, an Irish cybersecurity start-up that is helping businesses of all sizes identify, classify and protect their sensitive data.

“Getvisibility is a cutting-edge AI company specialising in data security posture management. We bridge the [cybersecurity] gap with a powerful AI-powered solution that offers a comprehensive and automated approach to data security and compliance,” he explains.

“Our AI engine not only excels at traditional data security tasks, but also addresses a critical emerging need: protecting the sensitive data generated by generative AI applications within organisations.”


Murphy is also the founder and chair of another cybersecurity company, London-listed Smarttech247, which counts among its clients many Fortune 500 companies. Led by CEO Raluca Saceanu, the company announced its latest partnership with UK-based software firm Egress today (20 May).

Thanks to his knowledge and application of advancements in artificial intelligence technology in cybersecurity, Murphy also sits on the Irish Government’s AI Advisory Council.

“This focus on generative AI applications positions Getvisibility at the forefront of a rapidly evolving market segment,” Murphy says. “As businesses increasingly adopt generative AI, robust data security becomes paramount. Our AI-powered solution is perfectly suited to address this challenge, presenting a significant opportunity for growth.”

To complement Murphy’s expertise, his co-founder Mark Brosnan brings a wealth of experience in software development, specialising in scalable systems and cloud computing. With a strong background in AI and machine learning, Brosnan has founded and led large technology companies, including Xanadu.

Both Murphy and Brosnan are from Cork (where Getvisibility is headquartered), where they met “through a combination of industry conferences, mutual professional networks and collaborative projects”.

“[Our] shared passion for solving complex data security challenges and complementary skillsets naturally led us to form Getvisibility,” Murphy says.

No easy task

Today, Getvisibility has more than 300 customers across 40 countries, and Murphy says the start-up is making progress “excellently” thanks to strong demand for its solution, a rapidly growing team and promising feedback from clients.

It raised €10m in Series A funding in March 2022 to accelerate growth in key markets. This came less than a year after it raised more than €2m in a round led by former Eir chief executive Herb Hribar.

“Our ultimate goal is to become the leading provider of AI-driven data security solutions globally, empowering organisations to protect their data against data loss, insider threats and sophisticated cyberthreats,” he says. “We aim to set new standards for data protection, enabling businesses to operate securely and confidently in the digital age.”

But any venture in the cybersecurity space is not without its unique challenges, which includes the deployment of complex technology in the face of a very dynamic environment, as well as a dearth in availability of talent.

“Challenges we’ve faced include staying ahead of rapidly evolving cyberthreats, managing the complexities of global data protection regulations and scaling our technology to meet the demands of a growing customer base. Attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive industry has also been a continuous effort,” says Murphy.

“The start-up scene in our region is vibrant and dynamic, supported by a robust ecosystem of investors, incubators and networks. There is a wealth of talent and innovative ideas driving significant technological and business advancements. However, the competition is intense, and continuous innovation and adaptability are crucial for success.”

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic