Former Eir chief leads investment in Cork’s Getvisibility

2 Jun 2021

Image: © NicoElNino/

The Cork cybersecurity start-up has brought in Herb Hribar as chair while the company develops new AI-powered products.

Getvisibility, a security start-up based in Cork, has raised €2.1m in a funding round that was led by former Eir chief executive Herb Hribar.

The rest of the investment was filled out by Suir Valley Ventures, Enterprise Ireland, Smarttech247, Pires Investments and Manifold. As part of the deal, Hribar has also been appointed chair of Getvisibility.

The Cork company, founded in 2018 by Ronan Murphy and Mark Brosnan, uses artificial intelligence to manage and protect clients’ data.

It is Murphy’s latest venture. He also founded Smarttech247, the Cork cybersecurity company that has backed Getvisibility.

Hribar was chief executive of Eir, then known as Eircom, between 2012 and 2014. He has held executive roles at Kabel Deutschland, Cablecom Switzerland, Verio and Interliant.

He cited the recent high-profile cybersecurity attacks as a reminder that new technologies are needed to address ever-evolving threats.

“Given recent events, we are all aware of the dangers posed by cybercriminals. Getvisibility addresses these threats and enables our customers to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they cause harm,” Hribar said.

“With this investment, we can build on the foundation already well established to accelerate growth of customers and technology.”

Murphy added that Hribar’s experience “at the helm of some of the world’s leading telcos and deep technical experience will be tremendously valuable to us as an organisation as we scale in the business internationally”.

The start-up said there has been an uptick in demand for AI-based technology to assist with security. It plans to use the new funds for further research and to bring more new services to market.

It recently expanded its product functions, including adding Google’s platform capabilities and a new data breach risk report that helps clients manage their security and data governance.

Jonathan Keane is a freelance business and technology journalist based in Dublin